Vox Populi

Thanks for the fabulous products— they work so well for me—so great for those of us who seem to be sensitive to just about all commercial products. M.A. – San Diego, USA

PureDeming skin care products are just this side of miraculous. The Intense Gel has really made a difference in my skin. I’m a repeat customer—and I plan to keep on being one! Great products, fast shipment, friendly customer service. A terrific company. Good luck with the site update! You’ve got great products, and people should know about them! NC – USA

I just ordered the Intense Gel (my personal favorite), as well as the Peel. I’ve tried other products, but I keep coming back to you. As I am in the face exercise business, and I’m often asked what I can recommend, I always tell my clients that PureDeming is the way to go. Not only do you offer the best price, you also offer the best product. Thank you…. I can’t say enough about the Intense Gel. My “old” skin loves it and it evens out the color of my skin, too… I just really like your products and I am so grateful that I found you. C.C. – Seattle, USA

I have been very impressed with both your customer service and products. Thank you for making it very easy to trust your e-commerce site. R.G. – United Kingdom

I absolutely love your products. I have rosacea and very dry sensitive skins and cannot use most products. However, the lactic acid peel and intense gel have improved my skin tone beyond belief. J – US

The Pure Deming Intense Gel is the best product I have used to date. Keep in mind I have literally spent thousands of dollars on skincare products and have never had such great results in the 16 months plus that I have been searching for the right product. The Intense Gel actually evened out the texture of my skin in one application, gently and safely, what no other product even began to do, even after months of usage of the big name brands. If a person is hesitant to try the Pure Deming line, or is at the end of their personal skincare rope, just make this one last purchase, you’ll be happy you did. M.C – USA

I am 62 years old and have skin that is blotchy and sometimes prone to breakouts. I live in Colorado where it is really dry….House of Deming has several products that I like and use all the time, but two stand out. Pure C Serum is amazing. It is not drying at all and I use only a light moisturizer. It is quick acting and helps those yucky lines on my neck and provides a bit of firmness as well. The Intense Gel R ALA really works on the redness and seems to plump around the lip area. I love them both. K – Denver, USA

I just hit 60, I’ve been using your products for years, and I have (blush) great skin! Truly, people guess I’m much younger. No line fills, no plastic surgery, just your products used consistently. Wow! Your products are a great value, they work, and you all have been, over the many years I’ve used your products, the nicest people to do business with! A.M. – USA

“Uw bestelling is verscheept. De globale Prioriteit Post schatte een leveringsduur van 4-15 dagen. Vriendelijk bedankt.” I’ve just recommended your products to a friend … she decided to order the kit and likes the other stuff, too. Thank you for the great products and very friendly service. N.K. – the Netherlands

I am a professional musician and participate in many local and international music competitions and festivals. As I often work on stage, I need to look my very best. A year ago my “cosmetic cop” friend raved about your product. I am so happy she introduced me to your wonderful Intense Gel. It is now my little secret for a million dollar stage look. I have my own ritual before the competition: I go to the sauna and then use the Intense Gel for an hour. I know I look wonderful. I also love your new Pure Vitamin Therapy Crème. The ingredient list is amazing . . . Already requested it for my birthday gift. Thank you for being the best company in the cosmetic universe. I am your customer for life. A – USA & Ukraine

I have oily/combo skin that breaks out occasionally. At 53, this is distressing! I am VERY allergic to many ingredients that are used in most cosmetics and I have had absolutely no problem using your products. My skin even seems to love them and looks calm and NOT distressed after washing or using the Intense gel, peel and most surprising of all—I can tolerate the Vitamin moisturizer! (Believe it or not, I gave up on using moisturizers years ago, because my skin always broke out terribly after using even the most mild, oil-free, non-allergy type formulations.) I am noticing a difference just after a week and will continue using them. You’ve definitely won me over! Great customer service! M.A.. — California, USA

Thank you so much for your warm words….I think that your idea is wonderful [HoD: given we sell daily in Japan, we are translating our brochure into Japanese] Please send me when Instructions Brochure be ready. I will send you Intense Gel reviews. I used for some time. Thank you again and I look forward to receiving products. – Tokyo, Japan