Our History

We have been in business since 2003 – we sell by word-of-mouth and have been able to stay in business for over a decade due to our many repeat-customers. We are unconventional by not advertising to the masses – knowing our topicals are geared only to those individuals who have sought-out effective products free of the fillers and chemicals found in the plethora of junk products, distributed by mega corporations, on the market today. We ignore the time-honored tradition of filling topicals with chemicals to extend shelf-lives to 2 years+ - we ignore adding chemicals to make our products light-colored and pleasing to the eyes – they don’t “smell divine” as we do not use chemical fragrances.  Why? Because chemicals like above provide No benefit to the skin –  it frightens us to think what these chemicals and fillers do to the skin – we won’t be a part of it.  We formulate topicals using ingredients we want on our skin – sans the Junk.  

Distributed in Japan since 2005 by TyAmerica.