Good Faith

Our Good Faith Business Policies

No False Marketing: We never call our products non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, natural, etc. Why? Because the FDA [the USA federal agency having regulatory oversight over the NAICS Industry of Health & Beauty] has determined these to be 'marketing terms' - ergo there are no requirements a product must meet, no test to pass, no industry standards to adhere to when using these notations on a product. It's simply black and white to us: It's Not Ethical to use these marketing terms, under the guise of 'scientific fact.'  It concerns us when companies use these marketing terms on their products as if they were scientific fact: In what other ways do they misleading customers?

Our Guiding Principles: to use the Best Ingredients to make Remarkable products not found anywhere else on the market. To provide Fresh, Filler-Free products, based on science & technology, not simply "natural." The term "natural" is a loose term: not all "natural" ingredients are safe or effective (for example, a natural preservative wouldn't kill all molds and bacterias). We do use Certified Organic & Kosher ingredients when available, and we always use the highest quality of an ingredient - meaning we scour the world to find the most potent and top-of-the-line source for an ingredient; not the cheapest or "most cost effective" as the plethora of skincare lines do. Profit is not our guiding principle: providing the Best Products in the world - what we want to use on our skin, is our motivation and a matter of pride.

No SPAM or sharing of your personal information: We never share your information with anyone, ever. All emails you receive are related to orders placed or inquiry you have made. At the House of Deming, we value your right to privacy. In line with our disdain for "Big Brother" we do not use The Cloud - ever!

Our costs are spent on Research & Formulations. When you purchase our products you are not paying for the hidden costs to cover huge advertising expenses (our advertising cost is $0 - we sell by word-of-mouth), marketing department salaries, or shipping department software upgrades: we do all of this ourselves. In line with this ideology and the reality of being able to reach our early-adopter customer base via eCommerce, traditional retailing methods are moot, burdensome and unappealing. Additionally, to avoid wasting limited natural resources, we do not print glitzy promo materials; all information is on our website.

Finally, we would rather be the skin care products of choice for an individual for a very long time, rather than sell once, to many different customers. We have been in business since 2003, and our 70% Repeat customer rate - without advertising - is an indication of our commitment to our clients. Sales figures alone are not our idea of success: a Repeat Customer is!