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You can make a small amount of something good - or make a very large amount of a cheap thing.
This is what guides us. We attract those who feel the mass market of skincare products are really all the same thing just different companies with different packaging - thus, we only offer products we deem effective and not available, elsewhere - hence our products are unique. We do not seek to sell to the masses a cheap hyped-up product - instead we attract those who desire unique, pure, top-of-the-line formulations. At the House of Deming, we’re devoted to providing topicals comprised of whole ingredients, clean & simple, food-and indigenous-based formulations - sourced ingredients, given the latest scientific research.
We enjoy the balance of providing the purest topicals to the best customers !
We source the best-of-the-best ingredients from all over the world: top-of-the-food-chain Manuka Honey UMF16+ sourced from New Zealand; distilled water from the Bull Run Watershed in Portland, OR (one of the purest water sources in the U.S.A.); Sea Buckthorn Berry from Finland because there is no higher grade. We refuse to use cheap filler ingredients because we create what we want to use on our skin.

• Wildcrafted botanicals
• Organic and Kosher certified ingredients as available
• Vegan, plant-based extracts
• Unrefined expeller and cold-pressed omega-rich whole oils
• Active antioxidant compounds
• Bio-enhanced active compounds

We avoid any filler ingredients added solely to beautify a products’ visual or sensory appeal, bulk up its volume or unnaturally extend its shelf life. Our products are fresh and thus last about 6 months--not 2+ years. We avoid unnecessary chemicals and stay away from the chintzy ingredients found in most topicals: no cheap Coconut oil (a known irritant that dries skin); no cheap Palm oil (an environmental disaster and animal-unfriendly). We do not engage in trends: no pearl powder, gold dust, argan oil or auto-shipping clubs that never let you cancel with ease.
Just scientifically-backed ingredients of the highest quality!

Our product line is for those who cannot find what they want in the mass market overrun by gimmick products packed with useless ingredients and cheap fillers. Our customers are Early-Adopters, Biohackers, skincare Hobbyists and those who are obsessed with the real effects of each ingredient on their skin.

We are unique, and so are our customers.
But there’s one thing that connects the bulk of our customers: their satisfaction!

We have a 70% repeat-customer rate.

We do not advertise - all our customers find us by word-of-mouth recommendations. Not spending money on mass marketing allows us to save the money we might have spent on glitzy PR and marketing and put it all back into sourcing the highest-quality, most effective ingredients available!

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